Embedded Orion Editor Example

The embedded Orion editor example plug-in can be checked out from the following location:

Server: dev.eclipse.org
Repository: cvsroot/eclipse
Project: e4/org.eclipse.e4.ui/examples/org.eclipse.e4.examples.webintegration.orion.editor.plugin

If you import the source of the plug-in you can launch a run time Eclipse Application to play with it or export the project as a “Deployable Plug-In” and install the plug-in in your own Eclipse.

You can safely ignore all the JavaScript in the orion folder.  This is just a copy of the Orion editor.

The code relevant to the example are the Editor.java, EditorService.java and editorService/embeddededitor.js files.

Pre-built Feature

There have been a few requests for the embedded Orion editor as a pre-built feature so that it can be installed and used in a Eclipse 3.6.x and later workbench.  If you would like to use the Orion editor to edit .js and similar files in Eclipse you can download a P2 repository here.

  1. Download and unzip the archive to a directory.
  2. Choose menu item Help->Add New Software…
  3. Use the Add… button to add the directory as a Local… update site
  4. Select the update site.
  5. Deselect the “Group items by category” check box
  6. Select and install the Orion Editor Feature

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