Web Integration Example Code

The web integration example can be checked out from the following location:

Server: dev.eclipse.org
Repository: cvsroot/eclipse
Project: e4/org.eclipse.e4.ui/examples/org.eclipse.e4.examples.webintegration

This project contains an RCP application that has a separate perspective for each integration example we will discuss.  More perspectives will be added as time goes on.

The interesting implementation code for each example will be in its own package.  The code for intercepting links can be found in the package example.link.intercept

The project also contains a shared launch configuration that is almost ready to go.  All you have to do is add the appropriate swt fragment for your platform.  (If anybody has a better idea for packaging  a run out of the box solution for all platforms let me know)

The steps for accomplishing this are:

  1. Open a Run or Debug Configurations browser (from the Run menu)
  2. Select the “Web UI Integration Examples” configuration
  3. Select the Plug-ins tab
  4. Type “swt” in the filter area
  5. You should see your correct swt fragment listed under Target Platform.  It will have a name like org.eclipse.swt.win32.x86_64, where win32.x86_64 is replaced with something meaningful for your platform.

Of course the above only needs to be done once.  Or, perhaps, once every time you reload the project.  If you have any problems running the example let me know.

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